Transfer Globe Gcash Balance to Your BPI Account

So, you already knew how to link your Paypal account to your Gcash account and how to Cash-In from Paypal to your Gcash balance. Now, what if you don’t have a Gcash Mastercard or AMEX card or you simply want to transfer your Gcash balance to your bank to avoid a certain fee(s)? If you have a BPI account, then that’s easy. All you need to do is to enroll with BPI SIM Banking facility and Cash-Out to your BPI account through your Globe’s SIM Menu.

Part 1: Enroll with BPI SIM Banking Facility.

  1. Using your Globe/TM Mobile Number (Postpaid or Prepaid), send an SMS to 2274 with this format: ENROLL Account Number JAI. Example: ENROLL 1823121312 02
    • You should get a reply from BPI about the activation and how to get an MPIN below (2).
    • Note: The JAI (Join Account Indicator) is located on the lower right side of your ATM card.
  2. Activate your enrollment to get a Mobile PIN or MPIN by visiting any BPI ATM machine within 5 days after receiving the reply. Failure to do so will invalidate the enrollment, and you need to enroll again.
  3. In the ATM Machine, do the following:
    • Insert ATM Card.
    • Select and press Special Services.
    • Select Activate Enrollment.
    • Select SIM Banking Enrollment.
    • Proceed with other steps, you should get a receipt after.
  4. You should receive your initial MPIN by SMS after 3 to 5 minutes.
  5. BPI will require you to change your MPIN. To change, just send another SMS to 2274 with this format: CHG Initial PIN New PIN. Example: CHG 123456 987654
    • In case you have forgotten your initial MPIN, or deleted the SMS containing your initial MPIN, you may text SENDMPIN and send to 09178910000 to reset.

Part 2: Gcash to BPI Account Withdrawal.

1. In your mobile device, open Globe SIM Menu/Toolkit.

2. Tap the Gcash option.

3. Tap Gcash to Bank option.

4. Tap BPI.

5. Enter your 6-digit MPIN. Click OK button.


6. Enter the Cash-Out amount. Click OK button.

7. Enter your Gcash PIN. Click OK button.

8. Click List Accounts to select your registered BPI Account Number or simply Enter Account. Click OK button.

9. You have the Preview of the transaction. Click the OK button if everything is correct. You should receive a notification for the transaction.


If you have a account, you can also cash out to bank through their service. Guide:

That’s it! Please comment down your questions or if you need clarifications.



15 thoughts on “Transfer Globe Gcash Balance to Your BPI Account”

      1. Gcash care told me this:
        Bank to GCash => Php 20.00 or 1% of GCash Transfer amount (whichever is higher)
        GCash to Bank => Php 70.00 or 1% of GCash Transfer amount (whichever is higher)

        For every successful transaction, a Php2.50/text will also be charged from the customer’s Postpaid or Prepaid account.
        For International Roaming: Charge is P25 (International roaming rate for outgoing SMS) + P2.50 (vas rate) + BPI Mobile GCASH Transfer Service Charge.

        So, this means that if I transfer my gcash funds to my bpi account, it will cost me 70 pesos or 1% of the amount transferred. That’s aside from the fact that there is a withdrawal fee of 20 pesos on ATMs. That’s a total rip off.


      2. @elaine. Thank you for the figures. I think the rates are also available through Gcash website. I find the rates low compare to Paypal Encashers. If you need your money in less than an hour, Gcash is one of the best options. 🙂


  1. Well, I do have an Eon acct and I was just checking for other options to transfer funds real-time. I guess getting a gcash mastercard is better than using my bpi acct. Thanks for responding!


  2. Hmm… shouldn’t have said “for free” in your initial statement, kinda misleading, I saw somewhere that the charge for GCash cash out is P20 per P1000. . . But, I found a better solution, cash-in to your account using GCash account (P10 only per P1,000 but only up to P40 maximum for amounts greater than P4000). From, transferring money to BPI is totally free. So if I were to transfer amounts greater than 4k from Paypal to BPI (through GCash and, it will only take P40. I hope this helps.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m sorry, but it’s nowhere I said free. It’s certain fee(s). I can pull up my transactions with Gcash if you want, but so far, I don’t see any charges for every transaction I made with them. Likely because I’m on postpaid plan, but still, I see no topups there.


  3. I just did the steps and completed the transfer, however it doesnt appear on my bpi account. Should it be real time? And there were no text or email confirmation that it was proccesses.


    1. It is real time. You should call Gcash for them to check the transaction. I experienced the same problem months ago, and was able to get the money back into my Gcash for about 24 hours. But their usual process could take up to 72 hours. Please keep your self updated about BPI and Gcash system maintenance because that is sometimes the cause of these issues.


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